Tom's Story

"I would recommend the KFS Group to any business."


    When I started a new business, there were so many questions I didn’t know, that I needed to solve. What are the legal requirements in starting a limited company? What records do I need to keep? What are my responsibilities? The closer I got the more questions seemed to arise.


    I needed someone I could trust to take these problems out of my hands and make sure I can focus on the things I’m good at. A service that lets me relax, knowing I won’t make costly mistakes, because anything legal or important is being dealt with properly.


    The KFS Group is exactly that service. KFS was open and welcoming from our first meeting, and gave clear advice that still serves me today. They gave me a focused list of what I needed to provide, then took care of the rest and all for a reasonable price which saves me plenty of time and effort.

    I would recommend the KFS group to any business, particularly others like me who are starting a new business and want to get things right from the very start.