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How to Be a Boss to Remember

A nightmare boss can not only impact an individual’s work life, but also their personal life and sense of self. If an employee respects you, they will be far more likely to want to go that extra mile to achieve a result. Furthermore, research has repeatedly shown that employees don’t leave companies, they leave bosses. So if you want a dedicated workforce that is going to put their everything into your company’s journey, then you need to help your employees realise all the great things they have the potential to accomplish.

Be Accessible

Effective communication is fundamental if you want to create a trusting and valuable relationship between yourself and your employees. Make sure that you are easy to reach, whether that be in person or digitally, and answer every email no matter how unimportant you believe the issue to be. This will allow you to collaborate with your employees on their projects, which will lead to a strong team-mentality. Equally, it will allow for any issues to be dealt with quickly and prevent a negative mindset developing amongst your employees.

Setting Goals

Make sure your expectations are reasonable and achievable. A sense of accomplishment makes coming to work feel worthwhile, as well enabling employees to feel as if their role is a valuable asset to the company. Use short-term goals to motivate your employees in regularly reaching a target, and longer-term goals to establish a vision for them to strive towards.

Time Off

You should strive to be understanding with time off, both in terms of weekends and holidays. In highlighting to your workforce that you value their priorities outside of work, you are showing that you respect them not only as an employee but as a person. This will build a sense of mutual understanding, and will likely lead to your employees being more motivated in the time that they are working.

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Hiring for a Start-Up

Your business is something that you have invested in both emotionally and financially, therefore you owe it to yourself to recruit the very best. The team that you create should be people that push you and your company forward, that are just as committed to your vision as you are. However, establishing the ‘dream team’ can be a confusing process, so we have compiled a few tips to assist you with the process.


This should be a compulsory requirement- passion drives hard work. When you are suffering from a lack of inspiration or feeling overworked, you need to be surrounded by people that believe in what you are trying to achieve. This is unlikely to shine completely through in a CV, so make sure that your recruitment process allows people to be creative. Look for individuals that have a desire to grow themselves – these are the people that will push the company’s boundaries in all the right ways.

Small Business Experience

There are definitely benefits attached to hiring people who are experienced in operating within a smaller firm. Firstly, they will be equipped to deal with a small team; from taking on more responsibility to being flexible within the role they have. Additionally, it is likely that they will be more independent in how they manage their workload, which relieves some of the pressure of you needing to micro-manage your employees.

Believe in Your Judgement

When hiring for the first time, it can be tempting to obsess over every profile that you consider and analyse every component of the CV. Yet it will save you a lot of time to have faith in your judgement and make snap decisions. Even those that you decide not to hire can be used to build a network for the future, and so make an effort to consolidate any valuable connections you make during the process.

Consider Remote Workers

Studies have repeatedly shown that those who work from home may in fact be more productive. With less distractions and chatty coworkers, it has been found that the freedom leads to them investing heavily in the work they produce. It will also allow you to remove the costs associated with investing in an office space, which in turn gives you the opportunity to pick from a far greater talent pool that isn’t geographically restricted.

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-  The KFS Group Blog Team